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Effective Teeth in an Hour – BOI Treatment

If you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, then you can avail the excellent teeth in an hour in Delhi services by the top dental surgeons of the country.

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Teeth in an hour-BOI

Teeth in an hour – BOI is an effective dental treatment that can help in the restoration of your teeth in a single procedure that is completed in just one hour. What more could you ask for? With this highly advanced and innovative method, the patients can replace their broken, missing or damaged teeth quite quickly and with much ease. You do not have the need to go through the embarrassment of waiting for weeks and months to get back your precious smile.

An Overview of the Teeth in an Hour in Delhi

Teeth in an hour – BOI treatment is the recent advanced form of dental treatment that is gaining popularity among the patients who have something important lined up and wish to correct their dental status at an instant. Our dental experts have gained expertise in the dental treatment of the instant restoration and replacement of the missing, damaged or broken teeth.

This is a method that makes use of the radiographic 3D scans for making an accurate representation of the jaws of the patients. Then, it is accompanied by the construction of a mechanical template on the jaw that helps the dental surgeon in placing the dental implant with high precision. The precision that is placed on the jaw is so accurate that one can make the final restoration of the teeth on the model and then transfer the same exactly on the real jaw of the patient. With the help of the template, the dental implants are carefully placed and then left for one hour to completely restore the teeth.

Benefits of the Teeth in an Hour Treatment

You can get your missing or damaged tooth in an hour without having the need to wait for weeks or months. In addition to this, there is also the faster healing of the affected area and the placement of the dental implant is carried out with utmost precision. The teeth in an hour is a computer-aided dental implant surgery that is the state of the art advancement in the dental field. With this treatment, the patients can be assured of fully functional and aesthetic new teeth that can restore the smile and confidence in an individual. In addition to this, as the dental implants in this procedure are fitted exactly into the affected site, there is no healing time required for the jaw bone to integrate with the new teeth.

Importance of the BOI Dental Implants

The BOI disc dental implants or the immediate loading implants make use of the bone substance of the patient. The BOI implants are highly cost effective and save a lot of waiting as well as the healing time of the patients.

When you would avail the teeth in an hour – BOI treatment by our dental experts, you can be assured of high-quality results.

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