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Low Single Tooth Implant Cost in Delhi

The dental implants are gaining impetus in the recent times owing to the affordable single tooth implant cost in Delhi. The dental implants find their applications while dealing with the decayed, distorted or missing tooth. The dental implants are the surgical dental procedures that are carried on those individuals who have one or more teeth missing or distorted. The dental process involves the placement of the artificial dental implants inside the jaw bones in place of the absent tooth.

Single tooth implant cost in Delhi is something you do not have to worry about. Moreover, it is necessary that for the placement of the dental implants over the surface of the tooth, the individuals have sufficient jaw bone area for holding the tooth implant.

Procedure of Dental Implant Treatment

The procedure for carrying out effective dental implant treatment or surgery is not complex. There could be an array of comprehensive tests and examinations that are conducted by the expert dental surgeons. Here are some easy steps in which the dental implant procedure is carried out:

  • During the first visit, the dental surgeon would conduct a series of dental X-rays and CT scans to check the condition of the given dental area.
  • If the jaw bone is sufficient to hold the dental implant, the procedure can be started instantly. However, if the jaw bone seems deficient in holding the implant, then the process of bone grafting needs to be carried out prior to the dental implant surgery.
  • The dental implant is mostly made out of titanium to ensure strength and durability to the given teeth area. This dental implant is surgically placed on the jawbone area for filling the space of the missing teeth.
  • It might take a period of some weeks for the dental implant to fuse with the jawbone.
  • Once the implant is permanently fused with the jawbone, a cap or collar is placed on its head. This helps the gum in healing quickly. After 1-2 weeks, this cap is also removed.
  • Once the cap is removed, the proper abutments are placed on top of the dental implants. The abutments are used for connecting the implants with the artificial crowns.
  • After some weeks, the dental implants appear just like your natural teeth with increased protection and dental hygiene.

Single Tooth Implant Cost in Delhi

The proper dental implant surgery might be a time-taking procedure. However, the ones taking around 8-12 months period are the most effective and highly durable dental treatments. Once a dental implant treatment is done, it might survive for around 25-30 years at a stretch. Therefore, the investment made by the individuals at one point is all worthwhile. The single tooth implant cost in Delhi might sum up to a range between 15,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR. It might sound to be a whopping investment. However, the higher range of the dental implant surgery assures greater strength and unmatchable durability. It might also depend on the type of dental implant being used for the treatment.

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