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What is Root Canal?

"Root canal" is one of the very common terms used in the Dentistry. Technically this term is used to describe the natural cavity which is found within the center of the tooth. The pulp is the soft area present in the root canal. In the root canal, the tooth's nerves are also present.

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Root Canal

Root Canal Procedure In Delhi

A healthy tooth can easily sense for the hotness or coldness of the food through this nerves. But if the tooth nerves are open due to cavity i.e. due to root canal then it can be a huge problem for the patient. The solution of this problem is available only at your dentist.

In simple words, the nerves are not of such importance to the health and function of a tooth after the tooth has emerged through the gums. The absence or presence of these nerves will hardly affect the day-to-day functioning of your tooth.

If you are looking for Root Canal Treatment in Delhi which is also called a root canal therapy or a root canal procedure or simply a root canal surgery in your city then you must need to visit your Dentist today.

This treatment is a surgical procedure which is must to save extraction of your precious tooth when it is found to be damaged or decayed due to various reasons. In this procedure of root canal treatment, the removal of pulp from tooth root canal is attempted and then the canal is filled with a mixture known as filling to close the opening. Sometimes a cap is also required.

Cost of root canal treatment

If you are planning to go with Root Canal Treatment in Delhi then an average Root Canal Procedure In Delhi can cost you approx.Rs. 2000 at our clinic. In various cases, the charges of this particular treatment may be slightly higher. The cost of this treatment is also dependable on the type of tooth and other details like medical history of a patient.

Who needs Root canal treatment?

If you are just in any type of doubt of a Decayed tooth then you must consult us. The need of this particular treatment occurs when the exposed root canal results in the sensitivity. The Root canal treatment is specifically required when any damage occurs to the upper hard layer of molar or tooth and which further results in the exposure of the inner layer of the tooth which is also known as pulp. This situation causes severe sensitivity, pain and also an infection in the tooth. To save the tooth and to achieve the necessary relief from pain and infection a proper root canal treatment is required in such cases.

What are the Symptoms which indicates the need of Root Canal Treatment in Delhi?

  • Teeth becomes highly sensitive to hot and cold food and environment
  • Discoloration of a Tooth
  • Soreness or Swelling in the gums near the tooth
  • Sometimes a proper examination is required with the help of X-Ray to determine if RCT is required or not.

Root Canal Procedure

If you are visiting us for Root Canal Treatment In Delhi then our Doctors can explain you the procedure of RCT thoroughly. The procedure of RCT simply consists of usage of local anesthetics to control the pain. In this process, the affected tooth is slightly grinned to gain the exposure to the root canals. After this, the affected pulp is extracted out from the root canals of the affected tooth. After the extraction, the root canal gets a temporary filling. In next few appointments, the Doctors will do a permanent filling. The whole procedure requires minimum One to three appointments with the Doctor and all this depends upon tooth and damage.

Sometimes a single sitting treatment is also possible but we do not recommend it. A proper treatment is always suggested to our patients. It can take time but your tooth can be out of complete danger of infection and future pains. In most of the times of RCT procedures, a doctor can recommend for a proper capping of the affected teeth after the process of permanent filling. It always depends on the dentist as he is the one who can determine what the best option for the patient.

Are there any Side effects of Root Canal Treatment in Delhi?

Do not worry about Side effects after a root canal treatment. This is because the side effects are very rare. RCT is a very safe procedure when attempted by an expert professional. In different cases, there is a very little chance of re-occurrence of pain or some kind of side effect. Some patients may feel a little discomfort as the shape of the damaged tooth is slightly changed after the procedure. This type of discomfort is not a big deal and with time it will go its own. Some cases are observed with the following after effects after an RCT.

  • Slight Discoloration of tooth
  • Reduced capability of treated tooth
  • Root canal treatment itself may fail
  • Infection

If you are going for Root Canal Treatment in Delhi, Our clinic will recommend you to go for necessary precautions to achieve a success rate in this type of procedures. It all depends on you to manage your teeth after the surgery.

Root Canal Therapy is not always required:

A proper examination is always suggested before directly going for an RCT treatment. It is only a professional who can study your case and give a right advice. It has been noticed that in some cases root canal surgery may not be a wise option at all. In such cases Extraction of the tooth is considered most cost-effective treatment and also the safest option instead of going for a root canal treatment. For example, in the case of a wisdom tooth the qualified doctors should never attempt a Root canal surgery and only going with the extraction of the affected tooth is highly recommended. Expert Dentists at our clinic can easily determine either to use extraction or Root canal treatment.

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