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Effective Multiple Tooth Replacement in Delhi, India

If you happen to be missing several teeth from your mouth, then you might be super conscious about smiling and laughing freely in front of a group of people. However, you can put an end to this consciousness and embarrassment by going for effective multiple tooth replacement in Delhi, India.

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Multiple Tooth Replacement In Delhi, India

You can avail the best and the most reliable dental services offered by our dental surgeons who have great knowledge and immense experience in this field. You can replace the missing teeth area with the help of the bridges that are supported by the dental implants. The dental implants can help in the replacement of both the natural teeth as well as some of the roots.

Advantages of the Implant-Supported Bridges Over Fixed Bridges

Multiple tooth replacement cost in India is quite affordable when you would avail the top-notch dental services from our dental experts and surgeons. The dental implants for the multiple tooth replacement in India can have several advantages over the other options for teeth replacement. In addition to the overall appearance and the functioning like the natural teeth, the implant-supported bridges can replace the tooth or teeth without any support from the adjacent original or natural teeth. The other common dental treatments that are meant for the replacement of the loss of several teeth include the removal partial or complete dentures or the fixed bridges. However, these forms of dental treatments are dependent on getting relevant support from the adjacent teeth.

In addition to these, as the implant-supported bridges will help in the replacement of the roots of the teeth, the bone of the jaw is also preserved in a better manner. With the help of the removable partial denture or the fixed bridge, the bone that used to surround the root of the tooth might begin to deteriorate or reabsorb in the same. The dental implants can help in the integration with the jaw bone. This would help in keeping the bone intact and healthy.

In the long term, the dental implants serve to be aesthetic, comfortable and functional. Bone and gums can retreat around the removable partial denture or the fixed dental bridge that can leave a visible defect on the overall dental health.The reabsorbed bone that is present beneath the dental bridges can gradually wash out. This would result in the accumulation of bacteria to cause the decay of the teeth that might be acting as an anchor to the bridge. In addition to this, the removable partial dentures can also move around the oral area and can bring about a reduction in the ability to eat several food items.

What is the Procedure of the Multiple Tooth Replacement?

Initially, the dental implants which might appear like cylinders or screws are placed on the surface of the jaw. Over the next several months, both the bone and the dental implants are bonded together for forming the anchors. During this duration, a temporary replacement of the teeth can be worn over the sites of the dental implants.

A second step of the multiple tooth replacement might be needed in some cases. This could be required for uncovering the dental implants and for attaching several extensions. These temporary healing caps might be needed for the completion of the foundation on which the new tooth would be placed. After this, your gums would be given some time after this procedure.

There are some one-stage dental implant systems that do not even require the second step of the multiple tooth replacement. These systems would make use of an implant that already has the attached extension piece. The expert periodontist will the advice you on the best and the most reliable system or treatment for you depending on the oral health.

Finally, the replacement bridges or the teeth will be created by the expertise dentist. These are attached to the small metallic dental posts that are referred to as the abutments. After some time, the patients can experience quite a significant confidence in smiling and laughing all over. In addition to this, your ability to speak and chew also get enhanced in a proper manner.

The multiple tooth replacement procedures by the use of the implant-supported bridge are far superior to the removable or partial dentures or even the multiple tooth supported fixed bridges.

  • The dental implants can virtually stop the deterioration or the bone re-absorption process
  • The dental implants tend to be greatly stable and comfortable than the partial dentures
  • The integrity or no sagging jaw line of the facial structure is also maintained
  • The natural process of biting and even the chewing capacity is restored in the proper manner
  • The gum line stays stable and intact. These are not eaten away or damaged by the metal clasps.
  • The adjacent original or natural teeth are also preserved
  • You can consume whatever you wish to eat, whenever you want or even wherever you want. There is no restriction on the consumption of the edible items after effective multiple tooth replacement treatment.
  • The dental implants appear, feel and even act like the natural teeth
  • The dental implants that are placed during this procedure are permanent. Therefore, there is no need of cleaning solutions or messy adhesives.

Every individual differs from the other in respect to the dental health. Therefore, if you suffer from any kind of dental problems or issues like missing teeth, then you must consult our experienced and specialized dental surgeons who can give the best advice and treatment in the field of dental health. The complex treatments like multiple tooth replacement are carried out with much ease and expert supervision to offer the best dental services. Our expert dental professional would work in coordination with you to determine the best possible dental treatment to eliminate all your dental issues with much ease. In addition to this, you can also avail the highly affordable full mouth implant cost in India. Be prepared to evade all your dental worries with our expert dental help.

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