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Minimal Surgical Dental Implants Treatment in Delhi

You think you knew all about the dental implants? Well, then you must not have heard about the latest and the most advanced technique of minimal dental implants (MDI) that have changed the overall scenario of the dental implant surgery.

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Minimal Surgical Dental Implants

Some of the best features offered by the MDI (Minimal Dental Implants) is that these are minimally invasive with minimum diameter and can serve greatly comfortable even during and after the dental implant treatment. We have the best range of the dental surgeons who are specialized in offering top-notch dental services in the minimal surgical dental implant in Delhi.

The minimal surgical dental implant treatment is the most advanced form of the dental implant surgery. In addition to the ease of treatment, the Minimal Dental Implant treatment also serves highly affordable. When you would avail the minimal surgical dental implants treatment by our experienced surgeons, you can be convinced of the placement of the new dental implants even without incisions or stitches in just one to two short and comfortable visits. Most of our patients experience little or no discomfort even after the minimal surgical dental implant treatment.

Difference of Minimal Surgical Invasive Implants and Conventional Surgical Implants

There are high chances that you might be confused about the possible differences between the minimal surgical implants and the regular surgical dental implants. Here are some points of differences:

  • Mini implants are one solid piece of titanium alloy. In contrast to this, the conventional surgical dental implants are hollow titanium alloy implants. In the regular dental implants, there are three pieces of implants that need to be screwed together.
  • The mini implants are small as their name suggests. They are less than 3 mm in diameter. On the other hand, the conventional dental implants are usually larger than 3 mm in diameter and therefore, might cause issues during the implantation.
  • The mini implants are implanted on the dental surface without any need of incisions or stitches. In addition to this, there is no need for bone grafting and with just a few minutes of local anesthesia, the implants can be used just immediately after that. The conventional dental implant is completely contrast to this.
  • The conventional dental implant surgery usually requires the “flap” surgery, several stitches, and even bone grafting. In addition to this, there is the need of a second surgery after certain months to make the implant quite usable. For achieving the same results, it takes around twice the time and efforts for dental implant surgery.

Process of Minimal Surgical Dental Implant in Delhi

The minimal surgical dental implants are carefully used just immediately after the placement. They are also able to fully integrate with the bone within a span of six to eight weeks. The minimal surgical dental implants are a pioneer in the dental industry and our specialized dental surgeons offer the best range of the dental services at highly affordable range. You can avail the benefits of the minimal surgical dental implant treatment with much ease and no discomfort by visiting our clinic.

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