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There are several cases of people losing teeth at all the time. There could be several reasons for the loss of teeth which might include old age, tooth decay or even some sort of gum disease.

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Whatever might be the reason for the loss of teeth, they can be easily replaced for offering both the functional as well as the functional ease. Several people who might have suffered from the accidental loss of tooth tend to shy away from other as they feel embarrassed to smile in front of others. Therefore, there stands a great need to correct these issues to restore the particular tooth to its original state. The most common forms of the treatment for lost or missing teeth are dental bridges or the denture. However, the dental implant treatment in Delhi by the expert dental surgeons are getting massive popularity in the recent times. Our specialized dental experts have deep knowledge and great experience in offering the best forms of the dental implant for missing teeth at the most affordable price. The dental implant treatments offer a long-term and reliable solution to slow down the process of bone loss along with the preservation of the surrounding healthy tissue.

What is the Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implant for missing teeth can be considered to be the most innovative and effective dental treatments for the restoration of the missing or lost tooth due to various reasons. You can trust our highly skilled and experienced dental experts who perform state of the art dental implant treatments at the most affordable rates. In the dental implants, the restorative prostheses including the titanium fixtures are screwed into the jawbone. This usually functions as an anchor that is used for holding the tooth on top of it. The dental implant treatments serve as an effective and a reliable alternative to the dental bridges or the dentures.

A dental implant is referred to as an artificial replacement or substitute for the portion of the root of the natural tooth that has been lost or damaged. The dental implant is usually anchored into the socket of the jawbone for supporting the dental bridge, crown or for securing a denture in the correct place. The material that is used for the preparation of the dental implant is the titanium that can easily integrate with the bone tissue as well as by the bone of the teeth.

When the dental implant is placed on the surface of the teeth, the main objective is to bring about a close contact between the surrounding bone tissue and the outer surface of the implant. This is done so that both of these areas are able to fuse together in a proper manner. This would help in the creation of a stable support for the new teeth that would be implanted at that place.

How is the Dental Implant Placed?

Before the placement of the dental implant for missing teeth, it is vital for the specialized dental surgeon to assess the health of the gums and the teeth. If there is any symptom of decay or damage, firstly that is treated. Only then the process of the dental implant is carried out. This would include the X-rays or even the CT scan for ensuring the dental health.

After this, the local anesthesia is given to the affected area to ensure painless treatment. The dental implant treatment in Delhi is carried out under expert supervision such that there is full assurance of perfect dental services and checkup. The gum areas where the dental implant is to be placed is sliced a bit and then it is lifted to drill out a small hole in the jawbone at the exact location of the placement of the dental implant. Once the implant is made, it is then left to heal and integrate properly with the jawbone. As time passes, the bone tissue would grow and anchor itself on the surface of the dental implant.

Therefore, it can be said that the dental implant treatment that is carried out under the expert supervision of the dental surgeons tend to be completely natural and risk-free. During the healing period of the jawbone area, the patients are usually given the dental bridges or temporary teeth. When after around six weeks, the gum tissue has fully repaired, the final restoration is fitted on the dental implant.

Advantages of the Dental Implant Treatment

There are several advantages offered by the dental implant for missing teeth under the proper guidance and supervision of the dental surgeons who have ample experience in the desired field. Some of these are:

  • Reduced bone loss: Usually with the loss of one tooth, the surrounding bone of the adjacent teeth also gets weakened and this might result in the subsequent bone loss of the surrounding teeth as well. However, when the lost or missing tooth is replaced by the proper dental implant, then the chances of the bone loss get reduced substantially.
  • Improved Function: It is quite difficult to function properly on the dental aspect with a missing or lost tooth. Therefore, with dental implants, proper functioning of the tooth is assured.
  • Improved dental hygiene: It is quite a common experience for the area of the missing tooth to experience greater levels of decay and damage. Therefore, with the dental implant for missing tooth, you can ensure better dental hygiene as there are lesser chances of any further decay and decomposition.

If you have been suffering from the plight of the missing or lost tooth, then there is no need to shy away from the others. All that you would need is an expert dental implant treatment in Delhi by some of the most renowned and highly experienced dental surgeons in the industry. You can feel free to smile and laugh out your heart all over again even in larger groups. Dental implants are a boon to in the dental industry that can bring back the lost confidence with the lost tooth.

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