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What Is Crown Lengthening?

Like any surgical dental procedure, the Crown Lengthening in Delhi, India especially involves the removal of bone and gum tissue. This procedure is mainly attempted to achieve more exposing hence more tooth surface area.

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Crown Lengthning

Where can I go for Crown Lengthening Procedure In Delhi?

You need to visit us for any type of dental problems or Dental cosmetic solutions as we are the best clinic for Crown Lengthening in Delhi, India.

Why Is Crown Lengthening Performed?

This dental procedure is attempted by experts often when a tooth needs to be fixed. The needs for this procedure emerges when not enough of the tooth protrudes are available above the gum hence it is important to be attempted to support a filling or crown. This problem occurs when:

  • A tooth crack occurs at the gum line.
  • A crown or filling removes out of a treated tooth and tooth decay occurs underneath.

The procedure of Crown lengthening ifs often attempted to fix a "gummy smile" in cosmetic dentistry. A gummy smile is a scenario where the patient has a problem in smiling due to the presence of a lot of gum tissue around their upper front teeth.

What Are The Steps Before Crown Lengthening Surgery?

Prior to the surgery, the patient may require an expert tooth cleaning. On the off chance that the patient needs a crown, the specialist may put a transitory crown. The impermanent crown ensures the tooth and permits the specialist to check how much delicate tissue or issue that remains to be worked out.

How Is Crown Lengthening Performed?

Crown Lengthening Procedure In Delhi is performed by experts at our clinic under a proper anesthesia. The periodontist will cut and draw the gums far from the teeth to uncover the underlying foundations of the teeth and the encompassing bone. The specialist will then expel gum tissue and here and there bone from around the underlying foundations of the teeth. Bone is expelled utilizing a mix of hand instruments and turning instruments. When enough of the tooth has been uncovered, the territory will be flooded with clean salt water and the gums will be sewed together. The periodontist may cover the surgical site with a dressing called an intraoral.

Regardless of the possibility that just a single tooth needs Lengthening, the specialist may incorporate neighboring teeth so that the gum tissues are equitably reshaped. Post surgery, the teeth will seem lengthened on the grounds that the gums are currently shorter than before the surgery.

You will be given medicines for pain and a mouth wash. Your dental specialist will request that you take after a to some degree delicate eating routine. You can brush the teeth close to the stitches, yet keep away from the gums. Evacuate sustenance particles with a toothpick or a water irrigator.

What Are The Steps After Crown Lengthening Surgery?

The periodontist will endorse some prescription and a chlorhexidine mouth wash. An ice pack might be set against the face to diminish swelling. The patient will be told in post surgery care and booked to return in 7 to 10 days for removal of the stitches. The gums will be permitted to completely mend for a few months before the tooth is set up for the last crown.

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