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Affordable Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation in India

Shying away from people due to dental issues? You can put an end to all your woes by availing the top-notch treatment of full mouth rehabilitation in India. We have some of the best dental surgeons in the world who can assure the complete makeover of your dental aesthetics along with the overall appearance. Our patients have always been satisfied by the state of the art dental services and treatments at highly affordable rates.

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Full mouth rehabilitation in India

Full mouth rehabilitation in India is achieved by some of the leading dental surgeons who have ample knowledge and years of experience into the field of dentistry. The full mouth rehabilitation or correction treatments are done to correct the imperfections or issues with the bite position of an individual. In addition to this, with proper dental rehabilitation treatment, you can also be assured of enhanced overall appearance and smile. If you are suffering from short or worn out teeth that might be hampering your smile, then you can avail the top grade treatment of full mouth reconstruction in India. The full mouth rehabilitation treatment combines the science of Neuromuscular Dentistry along with the art of Cosmetic Dentistry that can help in the creation of a smile that is beautiful, natural and everlasting.

How is the Process of Full Mouth Rehabilitation in India Carried Out?

The full mouth reconstruction is accompanied with the methods of neuromuscular dentistry and cosmetic dentistry for correcting the dental flaws. This method can determine and measure the optimal position of the jaw. Once this position is determined, the position of the jaw is corrected with the help of an “Orthotic”. An orthotic is a virtually invisible device that is fitted on top of the teeth and then gentle repositioning of the jaw is done. Another method to correct the position of the jaw is by dental restorations including the installations of dental veneers, porcelain veneers, crowns or inlays, and onlays.

With the help of the advanced technology, the specialized dental surgeon is able to measure the exact position and function of the jaw muscles in both the relaxed as well as in the stressed positions with the help of the computerized scans. If any sort of imbalance or imperfection are measured, then the dental surgeon would decide upon the treatment of the same by using an orthotic appliance. The orthotic appliance is either a removable or fixed appliance that can artificially build up and restore the bite of the patient to ensure a comfortable resting position. For those patients who wish to eliminate the orthotic appliance, they have to undergo the full mouth restoration treatment.

Once the orthotic appliance has been worn for several weeks or months, you can find your jaw naturally dropping in the most comfortable position. Only after this is achieved that the dental surgeon would begin the restoration of the bite. The dental specialists usually make use of the porcelain restorations that can help in achieving the most desired and comfortable jaw position. Once the full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction process is complete, the patients can experience decreased or no pain at all and overall comfort and better health of the dental area.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a highly specialized form of dental treatment that is carried out on the individuals suffering from damaged, missing or worn out teeth. This might lead to difficulty in biting and even in proper smiling. However, with the help of expert and specialized full mouth rehabilitation in India, you can gain your beautiful smile back and even the lost confidence. The main goal of the full mouth reconstruction is that you can optimize the overall health of the dental area including the teeth, gums and even the bite along with a proper smile. For any specialized dental service, our experts offer exceptional dental services at the most affordable range to provide you better and long-lasting dental health.

Technology Use for Full Mouth Rehabilitation in India

Our specialized dental surgeons make use of the state of the art technology for achieving the full mouth reconstruction. The most recent and advanced technology that is being used for full mouth rehabilitation is the Tens that is a low-level electrical impulse machine that can be used to exercise the jaw muscles. This machine also releases the lactic acid that is created due to the overuse of the muscle area in the wrong jaw position. Then another technology named the Myotronics K7 is used that is a small bite measurement that can help in the measurement of the function of the jaw muscles in both the relaxed as well as the stressed positions. A sonography might also be done on the affected area.

The dentist might also make use of the digital imaging technology to help in the restoration of the aesthetic position of the jaw.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Candidates

There are a number of reasons for the teeth getting damaged or worn out. The ideal candidates who might be eligible for the treatment of full mouth rehabilitation in India need to be in sound health. However, they might have multiple severely damaged or worn out teeth. Several patients who undergo the treatment of the full mouth reconstruction also might require the replacement of the existing dental restorations that might have worn out with the passage of time.Most of the full mouth restoration or rehabilitation programs might extensive work or treatments over multiple sittings. However, the result is quite functional for the overall mouth and can even serve excellent for the overall dental health that can last for decades.

In addition to the provision of exception full mouth rehabilitation in India, our experts and specialized dental surgeons can also help in meeting the overall needs of the family members for expert dentistry services. We promise you the best and the most affordable range of professional dental services at all times.

To explore the possibility of better dental health and brighter new smile, you can fix an appointment with our specialized dental surgeons with just one call.

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