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Affordable Cost of a Bridge for One Tooth in India

Dental bridges are used for replacing the missing or distorted tooth. These are an excellent method and a great alternative to the dentures as well as dental implants. Moreover, the cost of a bridge for one tooth in India is highly affordable. The dental bridges provide greater stability and tend to be less invasive. In a normal single tooth treatment with the help of dental bridges, the following results can be achieved:

  • For bringing about a confident smile
  • Allowing an individual to chew and eat properly
  • Maintaining the proper shape of the face
  • Maintaining the proper position of the existing teeth

The dental experts work in close contact with the patient. Upon the understanding of the patient's dental condition, the specialized dental surgeons then look out for using the most suitable dental bridge upon the single tooth. Once the dental bridge is installed, the patients can be assured of confident smile and healthy dental condition.

Specialized Dental Bridges for Complex Situations

The cost of a bridge for one tooth in India can be easily afforded by any individual. With the help of the dental experts, the patients can be convinced of excellent dental treatment. The dental surgeons are adept in their profession and offer the following types of expert dental services with respect to the dental bridges:

  • The traditional dental bridges are made of porcelain that is fused to ceramics or metal. This is the most common type of dental bridge. This process involves the creation of a dental crown for the affected tooth or dental implant on either side of the missing or distorted tooth.
  • In some cases, the cantilever bridges are also used wherein only one side of a particular tooth is missing.
  • Resin-bonded dental bridges are made of plastic teeth and gum materials that are supported by a metal framework.
  • The dental surgeons also offer different kinds of dental implants like the PFM (Porcelain fused metal) bridges that come with a metal core inside. The porcelain is blended on the outside. The PFM bridges for a single tooth appear just like natural teeth.
  • The patients are also provided with metal-free or all ceramic bridges that can serve as a great option for the patients with a missing or distorted tooth.

Cost of a Bridge for One Tooth in India

If you are looking out for the affordable cost of a bridge for one tooth in India, then you can take help of the expert dental surgeons who offer professional dental services. The dental crown treatment occurs in a planned manner. The patients can avail the dental bridge treatment with free checkups by specialized surgeons. The starting cost of a bridge for one tooth in India is around 200-300 INR per tooth. The overall cost of the dental implant treatment would depend on the type of dental bridge implanted on the tooth and also on the level of degradation of the tooth.

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